Acne Studios, Sydney

Completed | July 2017

H&E Architects have once again partnered with Acne Studios’ in-house design team as the Executive Architects of their newest, and highly unique retail store in Sydney CBD.

The design of the Sydney CBD Acne Studios Store is a unique, anti-retail statement that takes the fashion brand’s minimalist aesthetic to new heights.

Housed in a 390m2 L shaped space, the design of Acne Studios’ innovative new retail presence is space specific. On entry, shoppers are confronted with negative space: a blank, stainless steel wall, encouraging shoppers into the space and on a journey to discover the collection that awaits.

“In a way, this store is almost like anti-design or anti-retail. What they are selling is barely visible from the outside world. It makes a real statement about the importance of brand image over product which is a bold move.” Says Chris Grinham, H&E Director & Project Leader.

The beauty of the design comes in the detail that ensures the space is more a gallery than a stock-filled store, using mill finish stainless steel joinery, poured in-situ terrazzo flooring and custom furniture elements by British designer Max Lamb. The austere and contemplative nature of the space is enhanced by a repetitive grid of 700 illuminated mushroom lighting fixtures from Paris by Benoit Lalloz.

With the help of quality builders, Calida, this project realised a challenging design in a remarkably short construction timeframe, ensuring quality workmanship.

This is the fourth project that H&E Architects have partnered with Acne Studios, following collaboration on The Strand, GPO in Melbourne and Glenmore Road in Paddington.


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The Location

161 King Street

Photography Credit

Acne Studios