Café at the Gallery – Now Open

18 July, 2016

Our latest project at the Art Gallery of NSW has just opened!

Following on from our project upstairs (Chiswick at the Gallery), H&E Architects were engaged to redesign the Café at the Gallery, which was in need of an update to its offering and design.

The introduction of a cafeteria style concept required a layout restructure. The back of house facing the dining area was opened up with new refrigeration displays were installed. Overall efficiency was improved with the relocation of the point of sale and the provision of a new coffee station.

Enticing food displays guide the patrons down the new timber ledge with brass rail guards. The visual vibrancy of the food keeps the patrons engaged as they naturally make their way into the new intimate and protected dining area. Two low height banquette seats facing the garden provide a clear division from the gallery space and the sense of separation is also anchored by the large communal tables around the perimeter of the cafe.

A minimal material palette was carefully utilised to ensure the fit out did not compete with the Art Gallery’s existing shell of travertine and white.

Café at the Gallery is as busy as ever, and we wish our clients and the Art Gallery of NSW all the best going forward!

Visit our project page for more information.